Challenge at Manele 1


我们以局内人的审视眼光为您创造结合文化独特性,互动娱乐性以及基于奢华性的 纯正体验。我们的目标是丰富,教育,启发以及焕然一新。

夏威夷奢华之旅在夏威夷群岛的五个主要岛屿上进行运营:瓦胡岛,茂易岛,大 岛,可爱岛以及拉奈岛。

夏威夷奢华之旅始创于 1983 年 MC&A 股份有限公司,是夏威夷主要目的地管理与活 动策划以及举办公司。之后与美国泛太企业集团强强联手,打造以夏威夷为主,为 中国人服务的目的地公司,美国泛太企业集团自 1996 年成立以来不断地为中国人 提供高端休闲游与商务出行等优质旅游服务。

For those discerning savvy clients seeking discrete, private, and highly personalized luxury travel, especially for small groups pursuing lifestyle interests.

We provide unprecedented insider access and create authentic experiences that are culturally distinctive, interactively entertaining and essentially luxurious…our aim is to enrich, educate, inspire and rejuvenate.

We look forward to creating your private journey through Hawai‘i.

Luxe Travel Hawai‘i operates on Hawai‘i’s five major Islands: O‘ahu, Maui, Big Island, Kaua‘i, and Lana‘i.

It was created when MC&A, Inc., which was established in 1983, Hawai‘i’s leading Destination Management and Event Design & Production Company, joined forces with Pan Pacific Enterprises Group, a Hawai‘i based, “Chinese” destination services company that has been successfully servicing inbound Chinese high-end leisure and business group travelers since 1996.

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